Thursday, October 27, 2011

my weight loss.

i heard that ACV(apple cider vinegar) helps you lose weight. i love it, i dont know how much i weighed before, but i can feel and tell the difference.
i drink 2 big sips of ACV before and after every meal.
you're only supposed to drink two teaspoons before every meal but i was so disgusted with my weight, so i over did it.
i got a little sick, but my sizes changed so fast.
i did my ACV method for one and a half weeks.
only worked out the first week. i was a little tight in a 1x. (shirt).
now i'm in a perfect large, i love it. its now been a month, and i'm starting to do that again.
its amazing, really.
ACV is very nasty. but it helps boost your metabilisim fast. since i eat a lot, it worked, more i ate, more i lost weight. of course my goal is to get to a size small.
but its going to take a while because i have to lose weight in my upper belly, and back.
i think it'll work, i wonder how this will happen<3
i will buy a weight scale, to tell you my results,
ACV is a good weight loss diet.


I use a lot of different foundations everyday.
my favorite one, by far, has been maybelline's dream matte mousse.
it's amazing and worth the money. Goes on really smooth and nice.
the one i currently use, is wet n' wild natural wear loose powder.
it gives your face a little tan, but after a while it get lighter. but it does look natural, and nice.
i do not recommend on liquid foundations. they seem to break your face out, but its good for consealor.
i also used maybellines mineral powder. it was good. just the color was off, i might have gotten i lighter color, it was a pinkish color, and i hated it.
well i might write more about foundations, but i decided to start it off a little,
i will show pictures when i get my new camera so you can see how these products work.
thank you for your time. <3.

my first post.

Hi, this is my first post, but i'll tell you what my blog will be about.
its going to be about make up products, and other kinds of beauty products.
i buy a lot of products, so i made a blog to share with you guys, whats good, and whats not.
i might be posting bout heath (weight, mainly).
i try many home remedies, for everything, and i'll share with you what works.
feel free to follow if your intrested.
thank you.