Thursday, October 27, 2011


I use a lot of different foundations everyday.
my favorite one, by far, has been maybelline's dream matte mousse.
it's amazing and worth the money. Goes on really smooth and nice.
the one i currently use, is wet n' wild natural wear loose powder.
it gives your face a little tan, but after a while it get lighter. but it does look natural, and nice.
i do not recommend on liquid foundations. they seem to break your face out, but its good for consealor.
i also used maybellines mineral powder. it was good. just the color was off, i might have gotten i lighter color, it was a pinkish color, and i hated it.
well i might write more about foundations, but i decided to start it off a little,
i will show pictures when i get my new camera so you can see how these products work.
thank you for your time. <3.

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