Thursday, October 27, 2011

my weight loss.

i heard that ACV(apple cider vinegar) helps you lose weight. i love it, i dont know how much i weighed before, but i can feel and tell the difference.
i drink 2 big sips of ACV before and after every meal.
you're only supposed to drink two teaspoons before every meal but i was so disgusted with my weight, so i over did it.
i got a little sick, but my sizes changed so fast.
i did my ACV method for one and a half weeks.
only worked out the first week. i was a little tight in a 1x. (shirt).
now i'm in a perfect large, i love it. its now been a month, and i'm starting to do that again.
its amazing, really.
ACV is very nasty. but it helps boost your metabilisim fast. since i eat a lot, it worked, more i ate, more i lost weight. of course my goal is to get to a size small.
but its going to take a while because i have to lose weight in my upper belly, and back.
i think it'll work, i wonder how this will happen<3
i will buy a weight scale, to tell you my results,
ACV is a good weight loss diet.

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